Responsive Website + Logo + Business Cards +
Professional Email Addresses + Customized Invoices

£ 2499

We are
just like you!

And we know exactly what you need.

 page-13x The BizQuid Pack

Allows you to focus all your energy on
your product/service and your customers!

from £ 2499 ex vat

Do you want to give your current
website a facelift? We will build a tailor-made
website to suit your requirements.

Responsive Website


Business Cards

Professional Email Addresses

Customized Invoices

It’s everything the entrepreneur needs

We make your project tangible, creating a top-notch visual identity
for your business and optimizing your online presence.

All your energy on your business

Creating an effective website is an art. Our know-how ensures that you get an optimal result without wasting your precious time.

Passionate entrepreneurs
at your service

Our passion is to boost entrepreneurship by providing technical and digital support to entrepreneurs. Our motto: efficiency!
Forget about other digital and communication agencies charging you the same amount for just a logo!


We show you how to use each tool so you can ultimately be autonomous.

Build on continuity by
working with BizQuid !

Our experienced team will follow the evolution of your activities
to provide you with solutions that meet all your needs.

Search Engine Optimization


Facebook ads



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“ Une équipe très professionnelle, à l’écoute et toujours disponible, pour un résultat épatant. “

Virginie Deprèay, Creobis Founder

“ BizQuid is the perfect pack for a startup. I’ve contacted them for a customized website, and I got my website ready after only two weeks. I even received professional e-mail addresses and business cards. I highly recommend BizQuid to anyone as it gives you exactly what you need and what you have asked for in a very short period of time. Furthermore, the price is more than fair. “

Lucka Wahba, Selfo Founder

“ Bizquid c’est la meilleure formule pour démarrer une activité : logo, website, cartes de visite avec une équipe de pro qui vous donne les meilleures idées et conseils en un court laps de temps pour mettre en valeur votre projet.
L’essayer c’est l’adopter : ils sauront vous aider même le client le plus exigent 😉 “

Astrid de Wouters, Relookatme Founder

“ BizQuid is what I can call a super startup! A great team, an amazing service, beautiful results at a very good price. Your timing can be really short they will do it even faster. Try it you’ll see for yourself! “

Raffaele GESULFO

“ Bizquid est LE package indispensable à tout entrepreneur qui démarre une nouvelle activité! Il nous a fait gagner énormément de temps et d’argent. De plus, l’équipe derrière cette formidable formule est également très professionnelle et sympathique! Je vous les conseille les yeux fermés. “

Pierre Moens de Hase, The Share Project Founder

“ Une équipe très réactive et professionnelle qui, mieux que répondre à vos attentes, les dépasse ! La qualité, le prix, la réactivité, la diversité des services offerts et le support sont autant d’éléments qui vous feront démarrer rapidement et efficacement sans perdre de temps. La promesse de la satisfaction du client est tenue jusqu’au bout ! Impossible de trouver mieux ! “

Emilie Nicaise, Be the dog

“ Bizquid saved us a lot of time with creating a cool website for our cool product. This way we could focus on our project and on what we can do best. “

Robert Maembe, Folding Lamp Founder